Latin America: a 'movement in high heels'

‘Injustice inspires me to keep working every day,’ says Elena Reynaga, secretary general of REDTRASEX, the Latin American and the Caribbean network of sex workers, which is present in 15 countries.

The risk of HIV infection for female sex workers in the region is ten times that of other women, and 30 times more in some countries, such as Mexico. The same stigma and discrimination that led to this increased risk of HIV has also led to a unified determination among sex worker organisations to demand their human rights.

Traditionally an underrepresented group, REDTRASEX has been able to reach out to decision-makers as well the women it represents, and prove that sex workers can deliver on this major grant.

REDTRASEX improves sex workers’ rights by strengthening the organisational capacity of national organisations within the network. By giving a voice to sex workers REDTRASEX influences policy and defends sex workers rights. The self-titled ‘movement in high heels’ is taking great strides.

"Injustice inspires me to keep working every day."

— Elena Reynaga